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To provide quality and affordable products as well as offer attentive and reliable customer service that satisfies each of our customer’s specific building needs.



Midmar Building Supplies is a Building Materials Trade Depot that focusses on providing building materials such as blocks, bricks, sand, stone and other wet trade items to its customers. The store also offers a range of hardware. Our aggregates and concrete products are directly produced on site at our concrete yard Midmar Concrete Products. This enables Midmar Building Supplies to provide good quality products at the fairest prices.

Midmar Building Supplies (MBS) a building materials trade depot for all your building needs.

As part of the umbrella company Midmar Group, MBS is the retail and wholesale outlet for building materials. 

Whether it be providing material for large contractors or for home improvements, MBS will be sure to be your building materials solution from start to finish.

We provide concrete products that are directly produced in our Midmar Concrete Products (MCP) yard located next to the store. We source the raw materials needed to produce our concrete products directly from our quarry, Midmar Crushers. Due to this value chain, MBS products can be sold at more affordable rates while still maintaining an extremely high level of quality.

We stock a range of hardware that includes tools, bathroom and plumbing items, paint and paint accessories, electrical and lighting, garden and outdoor equipment, as well as doors, windows and more.

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We stock a wide range of Concrete Blocks, Bricks and Retainers that are made in-house at our Midmar Concrete Products Yard next to our depot. This ensures that you are guaranteed quality products at affordable prices. To view our concrete product range, check out our Midmar Concrete Products website. We also stock a variety of clay bricks for all types of construction projects.


Our stone and aggregate are of the highest quality as we source our products directly from our quarry Midmar Crushers, which is located a few kilometres from our store. We can supply our customers with a range of aggregates that cater to their specific construction needs and we offer the best advice on which products are best suited for each project. If you would like to know more about our quarry, please visit our Midmar Crushers website.



The doors and windows of your home are more than just construction items that serve a practical purpose. They are the first features of your home that are viewed by guests and hold a strong bearing on the overall look of your house. At Midmar Building Supplies we stock a variety of doors and windows that are sure to be a perfect fit for our customers. Our treated poles and timber offer a safe and stable structure for any building project.



Looking for a new light for your home or trying to find the right attachment for plumbing? We will provide you with a solution to your problem. We carry a selection of plumbing items as well as ceiling lights, light switches, light covers and bulbs.


We stock a variety of gardening equipment that include spades, shears, wheelbarrows, gardening forks, hoses and attachments to compliment every kind of gardener. Our water tanks are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs.



Its essential that your toolbox is equipped with the right drills, grinders, bits and fasteners for every building project you take on, no matter how big or small. At Midmar Building Supplies we’ll provide you with the essentials as well as the extra odds and ends that you need. We have extensive range of paint in a variety of finishes and shades as well as a selection of paint accessories to help you complete your paint job with ease.

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