You may sometimes need to cut your concrete blocks to fit your structure perfectly. There are two popular ways to do this, the first being with a hammer and chisel and the second with a circular saw.

Here are the steps you need to take to perform this task successfully.

Method 1: Hammer & Chisel

Step 1: Firstly make sure you have your safety glasses, work gloves and dust mask on. Place your block on loose soil or sand.

Step 2: Create a guideline on the block with a straightedge and chalk to outline where you would like to cut the block

Step 3: Begin by scoring the block along the guideline that you created by placing the chisel on the line and hitting it with your hammer. Make the indentation about 3mm deep.

Step 4: Place your chisel anywhere along the scored line and with quick and strong force, strike the area with your hammer. The block will break in two at the scored join and will have a rough and jagged edge.

Method 2: Circular Saw

Step 1: Wear protective eye wear, a dust mask and earplugs. Choose a masonary/diamond blade for your saw

Step 2: Set the blade to cut approximately 0.6cm to 1.5cm deep.

Step 3: Cut all around the block. After you’ve cut 0.6cm to 1.5cm deep, cut through the same area again, but now 0.6cm to 1.5cm deeper as before.

Step 4: Repeat the process until the block is cut through cleanly. This method will result in a smoother finish to your block.

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