In the past, due to its affordability in relation to clay products, concrete building material gained a reputation for being a low-quality product that will not withstand the elements. This is quite far from the truth. When the benefits of using concrete bricks and blocks are examined, its easy to see that this building material embodies the characteristics of a superhero. Advantages include the following:

Strength and Durability
  • When assessing the advantages of using concrete products as a building material, its hard to believe that any other material would be considered.
  • In terms of strength and durability, concrete can be seen as being the superhero of building materials as it is extremely resilient and can stand the test of time. One of concrete’s otherworldly traits is that is actually continues to grow stronger as time goes by and is not hindered by external elements such as pests and mould.
  • The key to concrete’s strength is the crushed stone that is used to manufacture concrete blocks and bricks. These concrete products will then continue to dry and cure even after their production, which increases their durability.
  • Due to its sturdiness and endurance, buildings constructed with concrete blocks can withstand wind speeds up to 320km per hour.
  • If a concrete block house is constructed correctly, it can also provide short-term protection and shelter for its owners in the aftermath of a severe natural disaster.
  • This is the reason why an increasing number of homeowners are turning to concrete products to construct their homes and buildings in areas that are prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms.
Moisture Resistant
  • Concrete is a well-known material that is resistant to moisture and is the reason why concrete buildings are common in areas of high humidity.
  • When concrete is compared to other materials such as clay and wood products, it is the preferred choice as clay bricks tend to be more porous and soak up more water than concrete.
  • Wood has a major downfall of creating a good breeding ground for mould and mildew.
  • The spread of mould and mildew should not be taken lightly as they can be the cause of ailments such as headaches, serious respiratory infections, and disorders of the immune system.
  • To create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family, concrete should always be the first choice in high moisture environments.
Fire Resistant
  • Buildings made of concrete blocks have the ability to repel flames in the event of a fire and therefore reduce the chances of fire spreading.
  • Under the stress of fire, insulated concrete blocks do not warp, burn or become weakened as opposed to wood and steel.
Energy Saving
  • Along with rescuing you from natural disasters and protecting you from fire, concrete also has the ability to save its occupants excess costs by conserving energy.
  • Due to the composition of concrete, this building material regulates the temperature in your home by keeping air inside your home from escaping outside, while also preventing air from outside from entering your home.
  • Therefore on a cold day your concrete walls will retain the warm air generated from heaters indoors and will not allow cold air from outside to penetrate the walls of your house. The same applies to warm air entering your home and cold air escaping on a hot day. This simple but ingenious trait of concrete will save you up to 25% on your energy bill as you will use less heating and cooling in your home.
Pest Resistant
  • Yet another protective characteristic of concrete is its ability to repel pests from the structure of your building.
  • A concrete home will not allow termites, ants and rodents to settle and breed and is also resistant to rotting and rusting.
Cost Saving & Sustainable
  • The energy used to produce concrete products is also considerably lower when compared to other construction materials and this also applies to the reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions from concrete production.
  • Due to the advantages of concrete products such as protection from moisture, mould, pests, rust, and decay, the maintenance bill of concrete homes are very low.  
  • Along with stabilising air flow travelling in and out of your home, concrete blocks also insulate your walls and therefore are a good choice for soundproofing your home.
  • They keep loud sounds inside your home and keep out unwanted noise from outdoors.
  • So whether you love or loath loud parties, a concrete home is a good choice for you.
Adaptable in their Design
  • Concrete can morph into virtually limitless design options. The humble concrete block is extremely adaptable to accommodate different types of designs. 
  • Features such as archways, columns, and complicated shapes and designs can be created with concrete products. 
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are constructing a state of the art office park, or a simple, clean cut one story home, the design options concrete offers you are boundless.
  • To provide you with an even greater scope of options, concrete products come in a range of sizes and designs to suit every construction project and can also be custom made in a a variety of colours and finishes.     
  • Concrete bricks can also be produced in an assortment of shapes while some can be made to interlock with each other.