It’s that time of year again when stress levels might be flying high about creating a festive feel for your home during the holiday season. With visiting family members, cooking a delicious menu as well as buying gifts, don’t let holiday home decor be added to the list of worries. Here’s a few simple yet effective ways to jazz up your home for the holidays.

Scents the holiday in the air

  • One of the quick and easy ways to create a festive feel at home is to add some holiday fragrances around your house. Great scents include cinnamon, oranges, chocolate and cloves, not to mention pine tree fragrances.

Blanket your table

  • If you want to slowly introduce the holiday spirit at home, a great start would be decking out the dining room table with festive goodies.
  • A simple plaid blanket used as a tablecloth can transform the vibe at home to say festivity.

Simple, real decor

  • Oranges, lemons, pine cones and pine tree sprigs can all be used to decorate your home during the festive season.
  • Getting bright coloured flowers coupled with green leafy plants will lighten up the Christmas mood.

Drive the holidays up the ladder

  • If you’re in a bit of a pickle about how to lay out some of your festive decor at home, using a ladder might be just the tool you need. Simply use the rungs of the ladder as shelf and hanging space for any festive trinkets you have. Cotton wool can be used at the perimeters of the ladder to act as snow while pine sprigs and tinsel can add some festive charm. The limits are endless with what can be done.

Add in some logs

  • One of the most underrated natural items that can be used in your home is the humble log.
  • From outdoor to indoor seating, to decor, to creating candle holders, treated logs can be a great way to have a creative contrast in your home as well as add a festive edge to your surroundings.


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