If you always wanted to know the benefits of using treated CCA poles then here’s some handy points that might help you.


  • CCA stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate
  • CCA is a technique used to preserve wood and consists of a mixture of copper, chromium and arsenic oxides.
  • These elements are responsible for repelling insects, fungi, bacteria, wood-borers and marine borers that tend to thrive in wood. It also prevents termites and rotting of wood.
  • Another advantage of CCA is that it provides protection from harmful degradation caused by UV rays from the sun.
  • If you are concerned about insecticides leaking into your soil, CCA is known to have minimal to zero leaching.
  • CCA is one of the most popular forms of wood protection and has been around since the 70’s.
  • Another key advantage is that this form of wood preservation leaves timber and pole surfaces smooth and non-sticky to the touch and its ideal if they will be handled.
  • Treated poles can be used for fencing, housing and jungle gyms, as well as in agriculture and construction.

Midmar Building Supplies is now an approved agent for CCA poles and have a variety of sizes available to choose from.

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